Integrated Professional Specialists is a co-operative network of independent professionals forming a “virtual community”. Its objective is to enhance the ability of small/independent accounting and legal professionals to compete profitably in their market place by integrating the specialty services provided by our virtual network of firms.

We can operate as a "virtual back office" providing an "end to end" solution in areas including:

How We Can Help
As with any other specialist, you can contact us when you have a problem. However, that will not likely maximize the benefit your practice can receive by "on demand" specialty services.

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Accounting Support
Want to reduce compliance costs? We have programmed accounting questionnaires for audits, reviews and compliance engagements. With these questionnaires, your staff sees only relevant questions based on input.
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Tax Support
We can help you with client problems and significant issues you identify. More important than that, we can work with you to identify problems while they are still opportunities. With our programmed questionnaires you can be as pro-active as you always wanted to be.
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